Find Classmates

We are unable to find the following classmates below.  If you know how to contact any of them or know their current address, phone number or email, please send the information by email to libbawf@aol.comIf you know their email address, input the address in the box on the right hand side of the Home Page where is says "Missing Classmates".  The system will automatically send them an invitation to participate.  Our goal is to find every person.


Anderson, Thomas Watson
Arrington Byers, Jacqueline Diana
Baker, James Richard
Bradley, Mary Alma
Bradley, William Gordon
Brandon Saback, Margaret Suellen
Brunner McLaughlin, Lauralyn DeShong
Carroll Stewart, Connie Diane
Chandler Copeland, Sandra Jeanne
Chapin, Richard Henry
Chapman Griffin, Penny Frances
Clark Dixon, Melvine Ethel
Coile, Herlene Evelyn
Eason, Robert Edward
Edwards, John Clarence
Fennell, Mollie Ann
Filer, Nancy Louise
Fulghum, Mabel Elizabeth
Henry Latham, Judith Johns
Huff McClure, Bettina Aurellia
Hulsey, Jeanie Evette
Hutchison, Arthur Grady
Jones, Vivian Lylith
Leonard, Robert Braxton
Liggin, Elizabeth Anne
Lines, Louise Wynn
Linnamaki, John
Luce Wikcliffe, Carolyn Francis
Malone Woodruff, Candace Patricia
McConkey, Margaret Marie
Mitcham, Harry Lee
Mohr, Janice Melita
MooreWaddell, Beverly Elizabeth
Morris, Edward Allen
Morrison, Susan Lea
Nesbitt, Evelyn Elaine
Ogletree Smithloff, Joan Elaine
Rauch, Barbara Lee
Reed, Denice Woodie
Roberts Livingston, Barbara Anne
Ryckman, Robin Lee
Schroeder, Maralyn Ann
Seigle Ribetti, Elizabeth Ann
Smith, Llewellyn Hillyer
Sorenson, Sidney Wendell
Stephenson, Peggy Sue
Stratton, Sandra Ann
Sykes, Linda Mary
Warden, Thomas Hilborn
Wells, Billie Margretta
Williams, Sandra Jeanettte
Williams, Vernon Culpepper
Young, Robert Arnold